Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Honorary Consul of Ukraine To Address United Republicans of Harris County

Gregory Buchai, Honorary Consul of Ukraine, will update those in attendance of the upcoming general meeting of United Republicans of Harris County.  This promises to be an insightful and enlightening speech on the events of concern to the country.

On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, join with others concerned about the recent events in the region at the Sosa Center, 1414 Wirt Rd, Houston 77055, at 6:30 pm for coffee and conversation.  The program begins at 7:00 pm.  

Talk about a timely topic and a knowledgeable speaker!  The event is free and open to the public, though if you can come, please RSVP by Friday, July 25, 2014 on the website - .  

Late Wednesday afternoon President Obama walked to an awaiting microphone in the WH press briefing room and announced he was widening the American sanctions against Russia. He pledged America's continued support for the Ukrainian people. "Ukrainians have the right to forge their own destiny."

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Obama Fundraises in Texas But No Trip To The Border

The President of the United States has no time or, more accurately, no desire to visit the Texas/Mexico border Wednesday while he is in the state for two fundraisers.  He will be in both Dallas and Austin to raise money for Democrats.

Governor Perry invited President Obama to tour the border with him to see what the reality is concerning the accelerated influx of those entering the country illegally, in specific the increased number of unaccompanied minors.  Initially the president's people turned down the invitation and claimed there was no time in the busy fundraising schedule for a trip to the border.  Then, when questioned about this lack of time by reporters in the White House press corps, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the White House was not particularly concerned about the optics of refusing the touring opportunity.  Then, when the story would not die down and Democrats began to come forward and criticize the decision, top aide Valerie Jarrett issued a statement that the president didn't need no stinkin' tour (my words, not hers) of the border because he knows everything about all things (again my words, not hers).  Still unable to quell the outcry and as Democrats were beginning to take to the airwaves to express their disapproval, it was announced Tuesday that President Obama would be able to meet with Governor Perry in Dallas for a discussion.

Did I mention that when Team Obama reached out and invited Governor Perry to meet him on the tarmac for a handshake welcome photo op, Governor Perry turned down that invitation and said a tour of the border would be better.  Yeah, that happened, too.

So, welcome to Texas, President Obama.

A couple of quotes from an early morning television appearance by Texas Senator John Cornyn on the subject of the President's trip to Texas for fundraising but not to tour the human tragedy on the state's border:

“It would help him get outside of the bubble that all presidents get in. But this President seems just determined to be tone deaf in terms of the human consequences of the policies that he himself has caused."
“…The President should see what we saw….[He] refuses to take the necessary steps in order to deter people from starting out on this long perilous journey up from Central America through Mexico in the hands of the drug cartels where many of them are kidnapped, assaulted."

And from Texas Senator Ted Cruz:
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has joined Texas Gov. Rick Perry in calling on President Barack Obama to visit the Mexican border personally, with Cruz sending Obama actual directions to the border from the president’s planned fundraiser stops in Austin and Dallas.Cruz took to Twitter to invite Obama to take a look at the border itself amid a growing immigration crisis along the southern border with Mexico.“If President Obama wants to have a real border meeting with @GovernorPerry, here are a couple suggested detours,” Cruz tweeted on Tuesday.
I bet Texas Rep Henry Cuellar has some suggestions for the president, too.  He has turned up the heat and spoken clearly that this is not a new problem for Texas and the president has turned a blind eye for far too long.  Cuellar, is a Democrat.

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, who represents the district where the immigrants are crossing the Rio Grande Valley at the southernmost tip of the Longhorn State, said the Obama administration is "one step behind.""They should have seen this a long time ago, because we saw those numbers increasing," he said on CNN's "State of the Union," referring to the rise of undocumented immigrants across the border in recent years.Cuellar said that in 2009, about 6,000 unaccompanied children crossed the border, which jumped to 25,000 in 2013. (The Los Angeles Times estimated 39,000 children crossed last year.) But just in May, Cuellar said the number exploded to 9,700 unaccompanied children who unlawfully crossed the border.Up to 80,000 children are expected this year, most coming from Central America."They knew this was happening a year ago, last year. And ... they're not reacting fast enough at this time, in my personal opinion," Cuellar said.Cuellar has been putting pressure on the administration to more aggressively address the issue, but his blunt remarks on national television Sunday reveals the level of frustration he has as his district is the entry point for many. He says the drug cartels are in part to blame and at an average of $5,000 per person are making hundreds of millions of dollars shuttling mothers with children and unaccompanied children into the United States. 

 Is this Obama's Katrina as we hear pundits mention on television?  No.  Hurricane Katrina was a weather event and warnings were issued from former President Bush at the time to the residents of New Orleans and help was offered to stubborn Democrat elected officials in Louisiana who were more concerned with playing politics than upholding their oath of office to protect the people.  The crisis on the border has accelerated over time, especially after President Obama bowed to election year pressure and tweaked a Dream Act type provision to court Latino votes in 2012. President Bush's flyover of the damage caused to the Gulf coast was bad optics.  He did, however, go and make a speech to the nation shortly after that from the grounds of the St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.  He and First Lady Laura Bush made several trips to the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of that storm.

Monday, July 07, 2014

War on Women Meme Lives To See Another Day

Annie's List will be hosting Candidate 101 training in both Houston and Dallas in July.  This is being promoted as a first time occurrence in an election year for them, as the Democrats continue on along the path of the War on Women theme.  What better way to inspire and motivate women to run for office and be active in political campaigns than to promote false narratives that further the progressive agenda?  

Annie's List is the Austin version of Emily's List.  The conservative alternative to both of those is Maggie's List.  The big money donor founder of the PAC is married to the trial lawyer who is the major funder of Battleground Texas.

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court on the Hobby Lobby case brought out a renewed enthusiasm among liberal elites hoping to insert the tired War on Women rhetoric as we approach the 2014 mid term elections.  There has been little for Democrats to get excited about and the predictions bode well for Republicans in this cycle.  Will a resurrection of this battle bring out an apathetic Democratic voting base? 

From the Wall Street Journal:

Democrats claim to be distraught over the Court's Hobby Lobby decision, but really they can barely suppress their glee. Allowing some religious objectors in business to opt out of the contraception mandate lends them a campaign theme that isn't the economy, the Middle East in flames or incompetent governance. No agenda, no problem. Patriarchs and Republicans—if that's not redundant—are coming for your womb, ladies.
The three liberal women sitting on the Supreme Court produced a dissent to the ruling.  Justice
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a Clinton appointee) wrote the dissent and both Justices Sotomayor and Kagen (Obama appointees) signed on to it.

Also from the Wall Street Journal:

As Harvard liberal Laurence Tribe said on MSNBC, the majority's opinion is "not as radical" as many are claiming. It applies only to "closely held" companies with owners who have clear religious beliefs, and it explicitly says that companies cannot use the opinion as an excuse to opt out of other legal requirements. The majority merely said Hobby Lobby could refuse to pay for four kinds of contraception because the Administration's mandate violated the standard of religious conscience that Congress wrote into the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.Justice Ginsburg's dissent is so far removed from the legal reality that it doesn't qualify as a judicial opinion. It is a political opinion whose purpose seems to be to mobilize opposition to the Court and perhaps even motivate Democrats to turn out at the polls. Justice Antonin Scalia sometimes unleashes his rhetorical ferocity on decisions he dislikes, but his dissents are rooted in the law. Justice Ginsburg's is a flight from the law.
It was Democrat President Bill Clinton who signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, it should be noted.

Elections have consequences.  Supreme Court appointments are lifetime reminders of that fact.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Thai Shrimp and Human Trafficking

That inexpensive shrimp purchased instead of more realistically priced Gulf of Mexico shrimp is directly linked to human trafficking.  As a rule of thumb, it is best to purchase goods originating closest to your home.  It is best to support local farmers, fishermen, and manufacturing.  Closest to home is best.

That inexpensive shrimp originating overseas - in particular from Thailand - is sent to market by men purchased to do the work.  Yes, human slavery still exists around the world and this is an example of such abuse.

This is a video produced by The Guardian in which a reporter explains the process and the conditions of the transactions in this business.  It is not easy to watch but it clearly explains the reality of the situation.  Take a few minutes and watch it.

Closest to home is best.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Obama Tweets About Birth Control For July 4th Weekend

The President of the United States allowed his Twitter account to be used as an ad for birth control Thursday, as the rest of the country was beginning a long holiday weekend celebrating America's independence. 

Throwback to last week when a woman—not her boss—made her own decisions about her health care.

You can use the link above to see the photo that accompanied the text of that tweet.

Somehow I don't think that is the same tweet that the founding fathers would have sent, had they the opportunity.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Governor Perry Addresses The New York Meeting

Monday, Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke at The New York Meeting.  His topic was "Red State Solutions to Blue State Problems.  Preceding Governor Perry was Texas Congressman Roger Williams, (Tx Dist 25) who will soon roll out "Jump Start America".  Included in this plan is a 30% Flat Tax on businesses; 20% Flat Tax on the 1st million earned by taxpayers; 30% on the 2nd million; and a 15% capital gains tax. He said that growing small businesses is the answer to a sluggish economy.  A common talking point from each of the speakers was the upcoming 2014 elections are even more important than 2016. Encouraging citizen involvement, he said, "Get off the porch and lead the parade down Main Street."

From the website:
The New York Meeting is a nationally-recognized gathering of elected officials, journalists, business leaders and conservative authors in New York City at The Grand Hyatt, run by Mallory Factor and O’Brien Murray.The New York Meeting identifies leaders and generates ideas for the future of our nation and gets to the core of the most important issues facing the nation.   This monthly hour and half meeting consists of five 15 minute segments with America’s leaders—Senators, Governors, Congressman, newsmakers, journalists and celebrated authors,  Each speaker addresses the meeting and then, answer questions from a panel of noted journalists and the invited audience.  The audience is limited to five hundred invited guests–donors, media, and organization heads.
The New York Meeting is streamed live by a number of large Conservative organizations, and reaches a large monthly audience.  In addition, the individual segments are made available on YouTube and other outlets to reach additional audiences.
The five speakers Monday were William Kristol, Rep Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA), and Governor Perry.

During his question and answer session, Kristol referred to the Texas platform plank on the subject of gays as "not the norm for the GOP".

Rep Blackburn said that she supports Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA) for Majority Whip in the House of Representatives because of those running, he is a southern Congressman and 25% of the caucus is from southern states, yet only two committees are led by southern Congressmen.  "Only two gavels", she said.

"The purpose of a political party is to elect candidates of like-minded philosophy", said Haley Barbour.  He spoke about the need for a big tent.  "We have to win elections that allow us to govern."  In 2014 he said "Our goal has got to be to win."  "In politics, purity is the enemy of victory.  Only one perfect person has walked the earth and he's not running this year."

Rep Issa spoke about pressing on with the investigations of the IRS and of the Benghazi tragedy.  

Governor Perry began by asking a question - "How do we make America work again?"  He said that the place you look is at the state level.  Governors compete with each other.  States have the opportunity to compete against each other.  He said the U.S. has to liberalize energy policy, especially opening federal lands.  He pointed out that since 2000, 37% of all new jobs in the private sector have been created in Texas.  One out of twelve Americans live in Texas.  Three out of eight jobs have been created in Texas.  He credits the success in Texas to continuity of leadership, as light a tax burden as possible, a legal system that will not allow over-suing, and holding schools accountable.  He said this gives people confidence that there will be security and stability in the state.  The formula is the key to success for the rest of the country.  He said the goal is to make D.C. as inconsequential as possible - let states make policy to govern.

When asked why he focuses on economic issues and not social issues in his speeches, he said "Even those social issues that tear us apart need to be decided on in the states."  On his failed presidential run, he said, "I wasn't prepared."  

It was noted by the organizers that this New York Meeting was being live streamed to 19 organizations around world.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Greater Houston Council Presents Judicial Panel

A panel presentation with the subject "How Can Conservative Voters Evaluate State Judicial Candidates?" was featured during the Greater Houston Council's May general meeting.  Gathering at the Sosa Center, a smaller than usual group of attendees heard a very informative talk by three speakers.  The moderator was Susanna Dokupil.  Those not present missed an interesting program.

Ms. Dokupil introduced each panelist - all of whom are members of the Federalist Society, including herself.

Justice Michael Massengale, First Court of Appeals:

Judge Grant Dorfman, 334th District Court of Harris County:

Justice Brett Busby, 14th Court of Appeals:

All of the judges spoke to the importance of the upcoming election.  Yes, I know elections are frequently referred to as "the most important" but we are in changing times in the great state of Texas and our elections will indeed have consequences.  It is very important to know the judicial candidates and make wise choices.  Judges must follow and rule on the laws of the state, whether the judge agrees with the law or not.  It is not acceptable to have judges on the bench who rule according to their own beliefs and not the will of the people.  Unhappy with a law?  Then elect legislators who will change it.  Do not accept judges who legislate from the bench, Republican or Democrat.  It is important to look at the ballot and research the best candidates, then get to the polls and vote.  

While judicial candidates will tell you that they are conservative and will conduct themselves accordingly, remember it is not a promise they can make or keep to rule as a conservative.  It is important to elect Republican judges because we see over and over again that Democrats legislate from the bench more frequently than Republicans.  The Republican Party stands with the rule of law.  We should not expect anything less from them when they are elected to serve.

Judges are not able to endorse candidates.  One way to check into a judicial candidate is to look at his/her experience and education.  Look at what kind of law practice is involved and that can tell a voter a good bit about what is close to the heart of the candidate.  Does the lawyer do much pro bono work?  If so, those clients will point in the direction of what is close to that lawyer's heart.  

Experience matters.  Temperament matters.  Age can be deceiving.  Sometimes the older candidate is not the best fit for that position.  

The 2014 election in November is important locally and the 2016 national election is crucial.  Republicans have a one seat majority on the Supreme Court at the moment.  Another Democrat in the White House elected in 2016 means the Democrats and a liberal judicial philosophy will take over that court.  Think about that.  

It is your duty as a citizen in our democratic republic to do a little research and go out and exercise your right to vote.  This is not the time to stay home and pout if you do not get the perfect candidate - or if your favored candidate doesn't win the primary.  Be responsible.  Do the right thing.  Future generations are in the balance.